Artist dates:
Type of work:
Oil on panel
34 x 43.5 cm (unframed)

Soren Brunoe was a marine painter, and the main artist for the Royal Danish navy.
He was educated at Andre Lhotes academy in Paris, and known for his impressionistic seascapes. His motif was mostly seascapes and the ships of the Danish navy, but did also portraits on request. Brunoe became a popular painter in his time and was allowed on board of the ships he painted and often traveled along with the Danish navy when they went out to sea.

Sören Brunoe is represented worldwide:
-The great naval museums of Karlskrona, Sweden.
-The Admiral house at Northwood ,England.
-The Washington naval Museum.
-The Ecole Maritime at Brest, France.
-The naval academy at livorno Italy.

(< Copenhagen, Obro Art Gallery)